Sasha Bussian

Sasha studied at Kanyakumari Ayurveda and Yoga Wellness Center in Glendale, WI to obtain her RYT 200 Certification, graduating in June 2015.  Training at Kanyakumari focused on Hatha Yoga in the style of (B.K.S.) Iyengar - alignment-focused - and included introductions to Ayurveda and Energy Work.  When Sasha Instructs, it is in the style of a slow-flow Hatha for a relaxing an unwinding experience.


Time for Instructing has become challenging as Sasha's family grows.  Sasha and Charlie married in 2011, which brought her first experiences of parenting as her now almost 12 year old step-son grows.  In 2013 their first (and last) daughter, Riley, was born - now almost 5 years old, she is quite a handful!


To keep her passion for Yoga alive, while still allowing the flexibility needed for a busy family, she and Charlie ventured into Studio ownership with the purchase of Sole Serenity Yoga in 2017 - now, balanced.  Yoga and Wellness!  With a return to Instructing in the future, Sasha keeps up on her Continuing Education - currently working on Kidding Around Yoga Certification and additional Yoga Anatomy Certification.